Do You Need to Shoot Furniture in a Sydney Studio?

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I often get asked by my clients if they need to bring their products to a Sydney furniture photography studio. In most cases, the answer is no. But instead of me telling you, below you’ll see the results for yourself for a shoot we did for client Dezign.

About the Client:
Dezign are located in Wetherill Park, Sydney and are active in all aspects of the furniture, fit-out and construction industry. They manufacture furniture for offices, restaurants and commercial spaces as well as fit-out spaces.

The Challenge:
As part of their operations, Dezign designs and builds many custom pieces of furniture. The client saw an opportunity to start photographing and promoting these custom pieces to their existing customer base to create a new revenue stream.

In the past they have tried other furniture photography solutions but the image quality wasn’t up to their standard and didn’t represent the product well.

The Shoot
Step 1: The Brief
As the client had tried other Sydney furniture photographers in the past, it was even more important that we both understood each other’s expectations.

What the client needed was someone to come out on site so they didn’t have the hassle of transporting their products to a photo studio. They needed a consistent set of catalogue images that would represent the quality and workmanship of their product.

And the furniture images had to be suitable for use on their website, social media and other marketing collateral.

Step 2: Shooting & Challenges
Shoot studio quality imagery out of the studio – all of our clients are busy people and it can be hard for them to take time away from the office. For clients with large products, or lots of products, it’s expensive and time intensive to cart products to a studio for photography.

Shows a behind the scenes look of a furniture photoshoot. Chair and camera with the resulting image.

To eliminate these issues, a portable product photography studio was set up at their location. In most cases (including this one), studio quality images can be captured at a client’s location.

Flexible timing – Dezign build their custom products to order. To avoid creating delays for their customers, it was necessary to photograph the products as soon as they had come out of production. What they needed was a product photographer available at short notice that could fit in with their schedule.

Communicating quality – in Dezign’s case, their clients’ aren’t always able to personally touch and feel their products before they buy it. They know from experience that great quality images sell products. For them, it’s super important to use images that show the customer all the details of their product and represent the quality.

Consistency – as with any catalogue photography, consistency of imagery is important to maintain a professional look and feel your website, catalogue or other marketing collateral. Consistency means that the angles of the products in the photos are the same, the lighting is the same and the resulting images are repeatable from one shoot to the other. It’s the difference between a professional looking website and an amateur one.

Step 3: Delivery & Results

Pink or purple stool photographed on a white background.

Furniture photographer Adrian Harrison photographed this chair at a Sydney client's location. It's photographed on a white background.

This bar stool photography was done by furniture photographer Adrian.

Cafe or restaurant furniture shot by a Sydney based furniture photographer.

Detail photography of a leather booth lounge. Taken for a furniture manufacturer.

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