Most markets are competitive. But what if you had to sell water? That really is a challenge.

This is exactly what my client Purezza does.

About the Client:
Purezza are located on Farr St in Marrickville, Sydney. They supply water dispensing solutions to the hospitality industry. Their systems include on-demand sparkling or still, cold or ambient water.

The Challenge:
Purezza came to us with a very specific brief. Their ultimate goal was to generate conversions by driving SEO traffic, increasing brand awareness and implementing campaigns using the images produced.

image of photographer taking photos

The Shoot
Step 1: The Brief
To meet the client’s brief, the concept of the photography was to showcase their products in a lifestyle setting that appeals to both the trade and consumer audiences. This shoot was about inspiring their buyers and showing them what life could be like when using Purezza’s product.

When it came to the actual images, Purezza needed flexibility so they could use their lifestyle images across multiple marketing channels including Social media (Instagram, LinkedIn etc.), Website, Email, Banner ads, Print collateral.

Step 2: Shooting & Challenges
The shoot took place in a restaurant. Along with some models, we were able to create a number of different setups that showed “real people” enjoying Purezza’s product. Here’s some of the challenges:

Sourcing and organising models – to hit the client’s brief we sourced and organised 3 models. When sourcing models, keep in mind who your target market is and organise the appropriate gender, age and race and look to fit in with what your marketing would expect.

Location shoot in a working restaurant – as always, location shoots can be tricky. The first priority is to work in a way that isn’t disruptive to business operations and is also safe to the staff and customers.

The other challenge is creating lighting that is flattering on the subject. In most locations I’ve shot, I’ve found natural light by itself isn’t enough. We’re always able to remedy this by bringing flash. Even if natural light is great, adding flash can make the difference between an amateur result and a beautiful professional image that makes a big impact.

Images that can be utilised in multiple marketing campaigns – since the client wanted to use the images across multiple marketing channels, it was essential that we shot the images “wide” and in a variety of orientations and different compositions. Shooting wide means the client can crop the image in many different ways to suit different uses and they are not constrained by only being able to use the image in one orientation or media..

Step 3: Delivery & Results:
The photos were received well by the client’s team. They’ve gone on to successfully drive traffic and leads by using the images in social media, on their website and in other marketing campaigns.

photographer action shot

photo of water dispenser

image of a photographer showing photos to model

photo of a lady in a restaurant served with water

photo of water dispenser being used

photo of water dispenser being used with customers in the background