Head Shot Photographer Case Study of Sydney CBD Client

Client: Anonymous
Shoot Location: Suite 4, Level 8/25 Bligh St, Sydney NSW 2000
Type of Photography: Corporate headshots, corporate portraits

Why The Client Approached Me For Headshot Photos
Our client is a full service wealth management company and helps clients with superannuation, finance, investing and financial planning.

The client approached me as they were considering new headshot profile photos of their 20+ staff in their Sydney CBD office. The client already had some photos of their staff however they felt they didn’t reflect the personality of the team and the images themselves were more like school photos.

They wanted a consistent set of images that they could use in their marketing that made everyone look great and didn’t look awkward.

Headshot Photography Options
Before we could decide on the look of the images, it was important to ask the client exactly how they would be using their images so anything they did receive would give them maximum flexibility and meet their usage requirements.

I discussed a number of different options with the client including having a plain white background, having the city (Sydney in this case) in the background, having a dark background.

In the end we decided a light grey background would modernise the look of their marketing and give a clean look. And at the same time they would have the flexibility to use the images on their website, marketing and as LinkedIn photos for their profile.

The Corporate Portrait Shoot
One of the biggest concerns clients have for corporate headshots is that first of all they are uncomfortable having their portrait taken. They’re not sure how to stand, dress and what to do. That’s understandable. Unless you’ve had training it’s just not something we learn.

A great portrait photographer however will be able to put a subject at ease and give the direction needed to make you look your best. If it’s done right, you won’t look awkward or like a deer in the headlights. Instead you’ll look relaxed and the best version of yourself.

Another concern is the lighting. As a headshot photographer in Sydney in Sydney, most clients I speak with are concerned that the lighting of their office won’t be any good resulting in the subjects not looking their best. They’re definitely right but shouldn’t be concerned.

Most of the house lighting I come across in corporate environments is awful for photography. It’s usually a combination of fluro lights, halogen downlights and if I’m lucky, a window. This combination can create strange green tinges on skin, can make eyes look sunken – overall the subject certainly won’t look their best.

That’s why it’s important that a headshot photographer caries their own lighting equipment.

Here’s my setup.

Corporate headshot photographer photoshoot setup in a Sydney CBD office.

What to Look for in a Headshot Photographer
Choosing a headshot photography for your next staff photos shoot can be tricky. Here’s a few pointers on what to look for so you get the best results possible:

1) Make sure the corporate photographer asks you lots of questions about your objectives and how you’ll use the photos.

2) The photographer should ask you for example images of the look you want – good photography is subjective.

3) Check out their headshot portfolio. Can they show you the kinds of photos that are similar to what you want?

4) Really look at the photographer’s photos. How’s the expression? Natural or stiff? Are their clothes wrinkle free and lint free (yes the photographer should be looking for these things). Is the portfolio consistent?

5) Did the photographer put you at ease on the phone and were they concerned with what you wanted? Or did they just give you a price without bothering to ask you much about the result you wanted?

I hope you’ve found some of these suggestions helpful for your next corporate headshot shoot. And you have the confidence to know what to look for in a headshot photographer.

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