3 Key Qualities Your Business Photographer Needs to Avert Disaster

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Disaster struck for a Regional Express flight just 10 nautical miles from Sydney Airport.

The 2017 flight was enroute from Albury, NSW. When the pilots felt a vibration they knew they had a problem.  When they looked out the window, their eyes almost popped out of the sockets. The right-hand propeller was sailing through the air. It had completely sheared off from the engine.

For the inexperienced, this situation could have been catastrophic for the 16 passengers and 3 crew. But these were experienced pilots, that had trained and practiced for disastrous situations like this and were able to guide the plane to safety.

In business photography, making a great photograph isn’t about talent or luck. It takes experience and practice to produce quality consistently.

Experience in subject matter, experience in industry, experience in marketing, experience in difficult lighting situations matters.

It’s the difference between so so results and images your colleagues will be praising.


How Can You Tell if Your Business Photographer is Experienced Enough?
There are 22 different types of photographers according to the Australian Institute of Professional Photographers.

The number one wedding or portrait photographer may be the best at shooting weddings.  But more often than not, they don’t have a clue about Products or Commercial Photography.

And to make things even more confusing, there are sub-categories in Commercial Photography such as product photography, corporate headshot photography, food photography, advertising photography, architectural photographer and more.

You’ll be in safe hands with someone who is experienced with your subject/product, industry or both.

Ask the photographer about your situation, ask to see examples of similar work to what you want.

It’s all too easy for the inexperienced to come unstuck when given a difficult product, unhappy subject, tricky lighting situation or a key piece of gear breaks.

The next time you hire a photographer, you better hope they have honed their skills creating 10’s of thousands of images for hundreds of clients and most importantly, they know how to handle losing a propeller mid-flight.


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