Would your website get fired if it was a real person?

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Most real-world salespeople have quotas to hit and have to dress to a certain standard when they go to work. Unless of course you work in a surf shop or have a very relaxed boss, fronting up to customers in a singlet and thongs is completely unacceptable.

So why is it any different for your website?

Many of the websites I see have a menagerie of images. Some from suppliers, some taken by “John” who is a friend that is handy with a camera, and some even have images taken by a professional photographer.

What’s wrong with that? Well, think about how it would look if you went to see a potential customer in a mishmash of clothes; expensive suit jacket, singlet, shorts and thongs.

It wouldn’t make the best impression yet so many companies do exactly this.


How your customers see and perceive your marketing collateral matters.

Everyday your customers show up to your website. They look around. They might call you or send an email if they like what they see but most of the time they take one look and leave.

In this day and age you can’t afford to let that happen. For most businesses, your website should be like a salesperson on steroids. A machine delivering you leads or sales day and night.

So I ask you, if your website was a real salesperson, would it get fired for underperforming or dressing inappropriately?

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