How to Prepare for a Product Photography Shoot

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To get the best results from your product photography photoshoot, your products must be carefully prepared.

Dust, scratches, marks all show up in photos. Although they can normally be removed in post-production, it’s best to save additional expense and take a few moments to select your best looking products.

Product Preparation Checklist

Follow the checklist below to prepare your products:

  • Clean products – dust, fingerprints and marks all show up in photos
  • Products in stock? Correct sizes/colours?
  • Select the best looking product if you have more than one
  • Remove packaging from products (that won’t be in the photo)
  • Labels/swing tags removed
  • Damage free – Check product, product box and particularly product labels
  • For clothing and fabrics, ensure they are ironed and crease free.
  • If sending, pack products well to prevent damage in transit

Shot List

To ensure you don’t miss any products on shoot day. Write and print out a list of all the products you need shot before the shoot. If you have specific angles, groups or multiple shots per product, include this.

Onsite Preparation

Have the space you intend to shoot in cleared and ready to go. A space of at least 3 x 3 m is ideal. The bigger, the better. For smaller products, a table or a makeshift table to stage the products on and shoot on helps too.

  • All products unpacked, out and ready to shoot
  • Staff member available to assist with questions and product preparation

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