Sydney Product Photographer

…product photography for websites, catalogues and advertising

The quality of your product photography can often be the difference between getting the sale or not.

As a Sydney product photographer, my job doesn’t stop at creating beautiful images of your products, I create images that get the attention of your target market and move them to take action.

My name is Adrian Harrison and I have been a product photographer based here in Sydney for the last 9 years. Clients such as Dan Murphys, Big W, NSW Police, Freedom Furniture, Asics and a few hundred other Sydney business have trusted me to help them with their photography needs.

Here’s how I can help you:

  • Attract more customers
  • Images created to get a Return On Your investment
  • For Websites, catalogues, print advertising, PR & social media
  • Studio or your location
  • Experience in 72+ industries – you’re more likely to get excellent results
  • Images 100% ready to use in as little as 3 days

I am passionate about creating the highest quality images and would love to help you….

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“Adrian Harrison Photography meets our high quality standards and deliver consistent results with minimal fuss”

Matt Strutt
Business Development Manager

Product Photography – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I always get a bunch of questions – many of them similar – when potential clients first get in touch with me. So I thought I would jump the gun help you out with the most common questions I get.

Q: What types of companies get the most benefits from Adrian Harrison Photography?

A: I attract companies that know professional photography is absolutely necessary to create the right impression and to grow sales.

Clients, like Dan Murphys, Big W, Asics, love working with us because they get a fast, easy and hassle-free experience. Most of our clients are wholesalers, creative agencies, manufacturers and importers in 74+ industries.

Q: We need images for our website, brochure, catalogue and social media. Can you do it?

A: Yes. My team and I have created many images for brochures, websites, catalogues, product packaging, eBay, LinkedIn, Amazon, newspaper ads, press releases, magazine ads, point-of-sale materials, banners, bill-boards, building wraps, posters, business cards, reproduction artworks, product labels,  and product instruction manuals.

Q: Can you cut out / remove the background (deep etch)?

A: Yes. We do this for most of our product photography clients. Your images will have a perfectly white background and a clipping path which is ideal for printing and web/graphic designers.

Q: How long will it take?

A: It depends – normally we need around 4-7 working days. If you’re in a hurry we offer an express service.

Q: My images need to be a specific size, file type or specification.

A: We can handle all the technical geeky stuff and supply images to your specifications. We can also advise what you need if you’re unsure.

Q: How do I get the products to you? Can you come to me?

A: Most clients send their products by courier or Australia Post. Some drop them off at our Baulkham Hills location. I can also come out to you with everything needed to capture professional images.

Q: Why does it cost so much when all I need is a handful of photos?

A: To make your product stand out, it takes far more effort than plonking it on a table, setting up a few lights either side and pressing the shutter.

So what does it take you ask?

The fact is, to make your product shine there’s a lot of setup involved and the photographer needs to have years of experience. Set-up time is much the same regardless of if I photograph one item or fifty. Up to five studio flashes are used just for one product. Each flash must be positioned precisely – 2cm to the left or the right can make all the difference.

Even after helping clients in 72 different industries and shooting 50,000+ images, there’s no single setup that works for every product. In fact, it takes up to 120 test shots to get the perfect shot.

Q: Does every client work well with you?

A: No, not everyone is a great fit. Clients who work out well and have the best results are those that understand the photography process and know the value of high quality images.

My best clients…
• Work with me & trust my professional judgment
• Provide detailed & clear photography briefs
• Give objective feedback
• Don’t try to squeeze too much into a day’s shoot – they prefer quality over quanity.

It doesn’t work well with clients who provide little direction, want 150+ products shot in one day, and who say (directly or indirectly), “I’m not sure what I want right now but when I see it, I’ll let you know”.  That will usually ends in tears.

Q: What’s your #1 goal?

A: Taking an ordinary item & making an image that not only looks great but most importantly attracts your ideal customers.

Q: What else do clients find important?

A: Generally my clients want a no-fuss service and high quality results. They want to get back their images on-time and they want to see the images and say, “these look awesome…I can get these on our website immediately and start selling.”

I’ve also found my clients value…
• Being able to discuss the best way to market their product through images.
• Getting images on-time.
• Attention to detail.
• Solving problems, not creating them.
• Getting on and just getting the job done.
• Being professional…e.g. if we book a shoot at 10.00 a.m., we will start at precisely 10.00 a.m.

Q: How much does product photography cost?

A: It’s really hard to say as it depends on what the product is, what the retouching requirements are, how many images you need, do we need props or to build a set, are we shooting in the studio or not.

Some clients can invest $2,000 and as much as $15,000. Others invest a lot less. I can’t say without know what you need. I CAN say, though, is if you’re looking for the lowest price, that’s not me. I focus on quality and not volume. If you want high quality images, get in touch for a quote.

Q: How Does it Work?

A: We start by going through the brief to dig out your objectives. You then send or drop off your products to my Baulkham Hills studio – or come out to you.

The shoot is then scheduled. For the shoot we can either work together or you can get on with your day while I get it done.

Post production is next – Each image goes through a process of up to 72 adjustments that include: enhancing the details, enriching colours, retouching dust and blemishes*, improving contrast, sharpening…all this leaves you with a great looking image.

Proof images are sent to you for review and amended if necessary. Your images are normally delivered by email. Your products are returned or picked up.

Q: Can I be there at the photoshoot?

A: Yes. However for catalogue product photography (products on white background), 97% of our clients are very happy to let us do our thing and save the 2-8 hours of their life. Things usually run very smoothly when managed by email and phone.

Generally for creative shoots, it’s better that you’re present so you can provide feedback as we shoot.