Latest Product Photographer Costs in Sydney (2024 prices)

In this blog post, I’ll guide you through the variances of how much product photography costs in Sydney, ensuring you make an informed decision that benefits your brand. Let’s explore the different pricing factors.

Cost of Product Photography in Sydney

Here’s a quick rundown of how much product photographers charge in Sydney.

Pricing MethodNovice Product Photography PricesProfessional Product Photography Prices
Per Image$10 per product$25 to $250 per image
Per Product$10 per product$25 to $600 per product
Per ProjectFrom $110From $350
HourlyFrom $60 per hour$200 to $500 per hour
Day Rate$600 per day$3K – $6K per day
Product Photography Prices Sydney

Unfortunately, there is no one average cost of product photography in Sydney as there are a lot of variables that impact the cost. These variables include the type of product, the photographer’s pricing model, the number of products, the number of images, the retouching requirements, the complexity of the shoot.

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How Do Product Photographers Charge in Sydney?

When hiring a product photographer in Sydney you’ll see various cost structures including by the hour or day rate, per product, per image, or per project. Each pricing method has its own advantages and considerations.

By the Hour or Day Rate

Costing by the hour or day rate is a common pricing method for product photographers in Sydney. The hourly or day rate of product photography in Sydney is $60 to over $500 per hour. The rate varies depending on the photographer’s experience, equipment, the complexity of the shoot and the output required.

MethodProduct Photography Prices Sydney
Hourly$60 to $500 per hour
Day Rate$600 to $6K per day
Costs include amateur and professional rates.

The hourly or product photographer day rate cost approach involves setting a fixed rate for the photographer’s time, regardless of the number of products or images captured.

Whilst it allows clients to have fixed cost the disadvantage for clients is that the photographer may underestimate the time and need to charge more.

Additionally, less experienced photographers work slower, which ends up costing you more.

Per Product

Another pricing method used by product photographers in Sydney is charging per product.

With this approach, the photographer sets a specific price for each individual item photographed. This method is particularly suitable for clients who want to have control over their budget.

On average, in Sydney, product photographer costs per product are anything from $10 to $600. These prices vary depending on the photographer, how many final images are delivered and other factors like editing and difficulty.

Don’t expect much for $10 per product.

Per Image

Product photographers in Sydney may also charge per image. It’s similar per product except you pay per final image. This means that the photographer sets a price for each photograph you receive after the shoot.

On average, in Sydney, per image product photography prices are anything from $10 to $250 per final image.

For $10 per image, you might find a beginner photographer or large-scale lower quality photos. At the high end, this may be a very complex shoot or time intense image to product for a large advertising campaign.

Again, this method allows client’s to control their budget. It’s one of the product photography pricing methods I recommend the most.

Per Project

Some product photographers in Sydney prefer to charge per project. This method involves setting a fixed rate for the entire project, regardless of the time it takes to do the shoot. This approach can be advantageous for clients who want to have a clear understanding of the overall cost upfront and who have a well-defined scope of work.

However, it may not be the most suitable option for clients with evolving project requirements.

In conclusion, product photographers in Sydney offer different charging methods to cater to the specific needs of their clients. Whether it is charging by the hour or day rate, per product, per image, or per project, clients should carefully consider their requirements and budget to choose the most appropriate model for their product photography needs.

Factors Affecting Product Photographer Cost in Sydney

Several elements can impact the cost of product photography in Sydney:

Type of Product

The type of product being photographed can significantly impact the cost. For instance, small simple non-shiny objects, like a book will cost less in comparison to objects, such as bags, that require styling and stuffing. Or more complex shots that require intricate lighting, specific backdrops, or props, such as a shiny object like a watch.

Larger objects tend to cost more too since they are more difficult to move and light. The process takes longer.

Complexity of the Shoot

The complexity of the shoot involves factors such as lighting, location, and the time required to capture the perfect shot. A session that requires multiple lighting setups or locations will take more time and resources, which will be reflected in the cost. Additionally, if the shoot requires special equipment or additional staff, the cost will increase accordingly.

Number of Products

The number of products to be photographed can affect the overall cost. Professional product photographers may offer discounted rates for bulk product photo shoots, as the setup time and costs can be amortised over multiple products. Having all products photographed in one session can also streamline the editing process, reducing the overall expense.

Mix of Products

Related to the number of products is the product mix. Product photography costs in Sydney will be lower if your product range is less varied. When the products are the same, a similar set up can be used to photograph each product. If each product is different, adjustment to the lighting and the setup will need to be made, which increases the time to do the shoot.

Photographer’s Experience and Reputation

The experience and reputation of the photographer are critical factors in pricing. Experienced Sydney product photographers with a track record of delivering high-quality product images may command higher fees due to their expertise and ability to ensure client satisfaction. A well-regarded photographer with a portfolio showcasing work for reputable brands may charge more for their services, reflecting their established position in the market.

Desired Results

The expected results can influence the cost of product photography in Sydney. If a client requires exceptional, retouched, and high-resolution images that stand out, the photographer will need to invest more time and effort during and after the shoot. Post-production work, such as editing, colour correction, and retouching, adds to the overall cost of the service.

Number of Final Images

The number of final, edited images a client requests will also impact the price. A package that includes a single product image will be less expensive than one offering a selection of images. Some photographers may offer tiered pricing based on the number of final images delivered, with discounts applied to larger orders.

Studio or Location

Whether the shoot takes place in a photographer’s studio or at a client-specified location can affect the overall cost. Studio shoots may have fixed costs, whereas on-location shoots can incur additional charges for travel and time. The convenience of having a product photographer come to you may be worth it though. It means you won’t need to pack all your products, transport them. And you’ll also be on site to answer any questions.

Additional Services and Add-Ons

Additional services, such as professional retouching or styling, can increase the cost of product photography. These add-ons ensure that the products look their best, which is essential for effective marketing. These services require additional professionals and time, contributing to the overall expense of the photography session.

Considering these factors can help you understand the pricing structure and make an informed decision when hiring a product photographer in Sydney.

Other Product Photography Prices in Sydney

Amazon Product Photography : Amazon product photography prices in Sydney can be anything from $150 per product to $3,000 – $5,000 per product.

It varies depending on the type of product and the output the client requests. Some services in Sydney offer just photography on a white background whilst others offer Amazon infographics, lifestyle product photography, Amazon EBC and A+ content design packages.

Ecommerce Product Photography : For ecommerce product photography pricing in Sydney, you’re looking at $15 to $150 per final image. Again it depends on the product and the final results wanted. For example, an ecommerce shoot with models will cost more than a simple product on a white background.

Cheap Sydney Product Photography: Why Not to Go Cheap

While it may be tempting to hire a cheap product photographer in Sydney, it is important to consider the potential drawbacks.

When it comes to product photography, quality is key. A cheap photographer may not have the necessary skills or equipment to capture your products in the best light. They may lack experience in lighting, composition, and editing, resulting in subpar images that fail to showcase the true value of your products.

Additionally, a cheap photographer may not provide the same level of professionalism and customer service as a more expensive option. They may not prioritise your needs or meet deadlines, leading to frustration and delays in your marketing efforts. In the end, the choice is yours. But usually you do get what you pay for.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Different Types of Product Photography Services Available in Sydney?

There are various types available, from a standard white background, ecommerce product photography, amazon product photography to lifestyle product photography.

How Long Does a Typical Product Photography Shoot in Sydney Last?

A typical product photography shoot in Sydney usually lasts around 1 hour for a simple shoot with only a few products to a few days for clients with dozens or hundreds of products.

It also depends on the complexity of the products and the number of shots needed. I have been involved in some shoots in Sydney which took 1 day to photograph 3 products and produce 3 final images. An extreme amount of detail was needed. For an average product on a white background though, this amount of time is unnecessary.

Can I Request Specific Backgrounds or Props for My Product Photography Shoot in Sydney?

Most photographers should be able to accommodate this. You can definitely request specific backgrounds or props for your shoot in Sydney. Our photographers are happy to accommodate your preferences and make your vision come to life.

Are There Any Limitations on the Number of Products That Can Be Photographed in a Single Session in Sydney?

The number of products that can be photographed in a day depends on the complexity of the final image and the type of product. For a simple shoot you can expect to have 20-200 products photographed in one day.

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