How Much Are Corporate Headshots in Sydney?

As a seasoned photographer in Sydney, I can tell you that the average cost of corporate headshots fluctuates a lot. So how much are corporate headshots in Sydney? And why does the cost of headshots vary? Stick with me for some valuable insights.

How Much are Corporate Headshots in Sydney?

The cost of corporate headshots in Sydney ranges between $50 and $1800. At the low end, this may be a novice photographer or a high volume shoot with 70+ people.

Headshots costs are influenced by factors like experience, location, and the number of images you require. Below is a table detailing these average costs:

Photographer ExperienceAverage Corporate Headshot Cost Sydney
Novice Photographer$75
Intermediate Photographer$300
Experienced Professional Photographer$400+

Experienced photographers often come with higher costs but provide a high quality result and service that new photographers don’t. Additional services, such as retouching and hair and makeup, can also influence the price. These can range from $50 to $500.

Please note that these Sydney corporate headshots prices are estimates and can vary.

Factors That Affect Sydney Corporate Headshot Prices

Several elements dictate the how much corporate headshots in Sydney cost.

  • Type of headshot
  • Complexity of the shoot
  • Experience
  • Reputation
  • Results
  • Number of final images
  • Studio or location
  • Add-ons

Type of Headshot

The type of headshot required can significantly impact the cost. For instance, a simple, straightforward headshot against a plain background is likely to be less expensive than a more creative or branded headshot that requires intricate lighting, specific backdrops, or props. The intended use of the headshot, whether for a company website, professional profiles, or marketing materials, can also play a role in determining the complexity and cost.

Complexity of the Shoot

The complexity of the shoot involves various factors such as lighting, location, and the time required to capture the perfect shot. A session that requires multiple lighting setups or locations will take more time and resources, which will be reflected in the cost. Additionally, if the shoot requires special equipment or additional staff, the price will increase accordingly.

Number of People

When scheduling a corporate headshot photographer for a larger number of people within the same organisation, the cost per headshot can decrease. Photographers often offer discounted rates for bulk sessions because they can amortise the setup time and costs over multiple shots. Additionally, having all employees photographed in one session reduces the photographer’s downtime and can streamline the editing process, further reducing their overall expense. These saves can be passed onto the client.


The experience of the photographer is a critical factor in pricing. Seasoned photographers with a long track record of delivering high-quality headshots may command higher fees due to their expertise and ability to ensure client satisfaction. Their experience can also mean a more efficient shoot, as they can quickly understand and execute the client’s vision. Cheap novice photographers don’t always give the results they have promised due to inexperience.


A photographer’s reputation, often built over years of consistent work and client endorsements, can affect their pricing structure. A well-regarded photographer with a portfolio showcasing work for high-profile clients or brands is likely to charge more for their services, reflecting their established position in the market and the value they bring to the table. They can be a safe choice for the client that wants guaranteed results the first time.


The expected results can influence the cost of a corporate headshot in Sydney. If a client is seeking exceptional, retouched, and high-resolution images that stand out, the photographer will need to invest more time both during and after the shoot. This post-production work, which can include editing, colour correction, and retouching, adds to the overall cost of the service.

Number of Final Images

The number of final, retouched images a client requests will impact the price. A package that includes a single headshot will be less expensive than one offering a selection of images. Some photographers may offer tiered pricing based on the number of final images delivered, with discounts applied to larger orders.

Studio or Location

Whether the shoot takes place in a photographer’s corporate headshot studio or at a client-specified Sydney location can affect the overall cost. Studio shoots may have fixed costs, whereas on-location shoots can incur additional charges for travel and time. The convenience and control of a studio setting may be more cost-effective, but a unique location might offer a distinctive look that aligns with the company’s brand.

Having a Sydney headshot photographer come to your location often proves to be a wise investment, particularly when you need to photograph several staff members. If each staff member has to travel to a studio—which could take 30-40 minutes—plus the time spent on the actual headshot session, they could end up losing 2-3 hours of their workday. In contrast, if the photographer visits the client’s site, a staff member might only miss 5-20 minutes.


Additional services such as professional hair and makeup can increase the cost of corporate headshots. These add-ons ensure that subjects look their best, which can be important for high-level executives or public-facing employees. While optional, these services require additional professionals and time, and thus contribute to the overall expense of the headshot session.

Additional Services and Add-Ons That Can Impact the Price

When pricing corporate headshots, the additional services and add-ons can significantly impact the final cost. These extra offerings can enhance your headshots and personalize your experience, yet come with added fees. Below is a table outlining the average costs for common add-ons in Sydney:

Additional Headshot ServicesAverage Cost
Retouching$50 – $150 per image
Hair and Makeup$150 – $500 per shoot
Makeup$150 – $400 per shoot

Comparison: Novice Vs Experienced Corporate Headshots Photography

When assessing the costs of corporate headshots in Sydney, it’s vital to compare novices headshot photographers and experienced professionals. They can both be a good option but the solution you go with depends on your requirements.

AspectNovice PhotographersExperienced Headshot Photographers
ResultsWon’t always get it right.Deliver every time.
Skill LevelLearning the basics.Highly skilled, years of experience.
PortfolioLess diverse, may lack polish.Extensive, diverse, professional quality.
EquipmentBasic professional equipment.High-end professional equipment.
ConsistencyResults may vary.Consistent high-quality results.
Editing & RetouchingLess polished images.High quality polished images.
Turnaround TimeLonger due to less experience.Faster due to efficiency and experience.
ClienteleLess established, fewer corporate clients.Well-established, with a robust corporate clientele.

Understanding these differences is key to making an informed decision when selecting a photographer for your corporate headshots.

Are Cheap Corporate Portraits Good?

In Sydney, cheap corporate headshots can be a practical choice for new start up businesses or those on a tight budget. These budget-friendly options can meet simple requirements. However, be aware that a headshot photographer who charges only $100-$200 and is willing to travel to you is likely to be inexperienced. Such photographers might take shortcuts to save time, and this will usually show in the quality of the headshots. The results may not be the same as a professional either.

Opting for cheaper services often carries higher risks, such as headshots that may not reflect the person or company’s unique personality. Less experienced photographers, can potentially lead to unsatisfactory results. Realistically, it’s not possible to operate a professional photography business that delivers top-notch results at such low rates.

Clients prioritising high-quality, reliable results may find that cheap options do not meet their standards and could ultimately harm their professional branding.

Tips for Finding High Quality Affordable Corporate Headshots in Sydney

To secure high quality corporate headshots in Sydney, I suggest exploring various photographers and their rates.

Here are some strategies to consider:

  • Research online: Seek out photographers specialising in corporate headshots or companies.
  • Online review: Ensure they have a strong online reviews.
  • They get you: Talk to the potential headshot photographer. They should ask you lots of questions to understand your brand and the results you want to achieve..

FAQs: Corporate Headshots Sydney

How much are single headshots in Sydney?

The cost of single headshots in Sydney can vary significantly depending on the photographer, the level of their experience, and the package they offer. Generally, prices can range from a $100 to over $1500 for high-end services.

It’s important to research and compare different photographers to find a price that fits your budget while still ensuring you receive a quality headshot that meets your professional needs. Some photographers may include additional services such as makeup, hair styling, or wardrobe consultation in their pricing, which can also affect the overall cost.

Where can I find affordable headshot pricing and packages in Sydney without compromising on quality?

Adrian Harrison Photography is known for offering affordable headshot pricing and packages in Sydney while ensuring high-quality results. To find the best value, it’s recommended to look at various photographers’ portfolios, check reviews, and talk to your headshot photographer.

Affordable doesn’t have to mean low quality, as many photographers offer competitive rates while using professional equipment and techniques to produce excellent headshots. Before making a decision, reach out to the photographer to discuss your specific needs and budget.

What’s included in corporate headshot Sydney prices?

Corporate headshot Sydney prices typically include the photographer’s time, the use of their equipment, editing and the expertise they bring to ensure you get a professional-looking headshot.

Many packages also come with a set number of retouched images, and they may offer different background options, wardrobe changes, and even on-location shooting. Some photographers provide additional services such as makeup and hair styling for an extra fee. Always check what the base price covers and ask about any possible additional costs to avoid surprises.


In summary, the typical cost for corporate headshots in Sydney varies, impacted by factors like the photographer’s expertise, shoot location, image quantity and extras. While experienced professionals may charge more, you’ll likely get a better result too.

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