Staff Portrait Photoshoot Checklist

Use this checklist to help organise the photoshoot with your team.


Shoot Scheduling

  • Location/Room booked – min. space of 3 x 4m required
  • Key staff advised & available
  • Date and time added to calendar
  • Photographer has confirmed booking

Outdoor Location Shoots

  • Are you familiar with the location? Do you need to scope it out for a spot first?
  • Check the background for your shot. In particular, these things can make images look bad: ugly signs, ugly buildings, rubbish, poles, powerlines, roads, too much concrete, construction sites.
  • Are there restricted hours?
  • Are there permits required?
  • Do you need to book?
  • Weather forecast check (do this 3-4 days out). Advise photographer if weather an issue.
  • Area clean and free from rubbish/junk
  • Food/water packed


  • Key staff available & booked?
  • Staff have been briefed for preparation (clothing, hair, makeup).
  • List of required portraits has been printed
  • Staff booked in and ready to go at appropriate time