The Secret to Making a Great First Impression

Within a few seconds of meeting someone new, they’ve already judged you and formed an opinion. And it’s the same when it comes to your company’s website. Your website is often the first thing a client or customer sees so it’s vital you do everything you can to create a great first impression.
And this was why Trust Chambers came to us. They knew they needed to make a better first impression.
About the Client:
Trust Chambers are located on Elizabeth Street, Sydney CBD. They have around 27 barristers that practice both civil and criminal law.
The Challenge:
We were contacted by them as their existing website was outdated and was no doubt turning potential clients away. They wanted a range of corporate imagery for their website. To compliment the modern design of the website and to create a great first impression for the barristers and business.
The Shoot

Step 1: The Brief
After discussions with them, Trust Chambers wanted images of each member of the team. They needed to look professional, welcoming but their clients also needed to know they could get the job done.

In addition to the headshot photos, some other business photos were also needed for the website to build credibility and connect with their target market.

Step 2: Shooting & Challenges
Corporate headshot shoots can be challenging and I’m sure many of our existing clients can relate:
Creating the Right Impression – your images reflect on the impression you and your company company make. When having your portrait taken, it’s vital your image makes the impression you want to make. In Trust Chambers’ case, we needed to ensure that each person looked credible, professional, welcoming and looked like they could get the job done.
Many conflicting schedules and time poor – as you can imagine, trying to organise 27 barristers to meet in a photo studio at the one time is an impossible task.
This meant that shooting in a studio wouldn’t be an option. Instead, we brought a mobile portrait studio out to our client and arranged to be at their location for several days. This made it much easier for our contact to organise the staff.

 – with the new website being built, it was important that everyone had the same look i.e. the barristers were wearing similar attire, and posed in a similar fashion. Not doing this would have thrown out the look of the website.

By discussing with the client BEFORE we started shooting and working out exactly how they wanted the images to look, the resulting website was clean and professional looking.

Camera shy – many subjects are uncomfortable having their photos taken and barristers are no different. To get the right expression and pose, the photographer needs to put the subject at ease, provide feedback and give direction to the subject. When you feel confident and relaxed when having your photo taken, the results show.

Step 3: Delivery & Results:
Trust Chambers completed their new website. First impressions are so important when it comes to gaining more clients. Their website now looks modern and the barristers look approachable and professional in their photos which mean that potential clients are more likely to book them.

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