The Secret to Coming Up with Great Ideas

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Most people think that coming up with great ideas takes a creative genius or two. Or some people are lucky.

There certainly are some lucky people and creative geniuses but everyone can come up with great ideas….and easily.

You see, most people conceive ideas by sitting down with a blank piece of paper and hoping a great idea comes. Whilst this helps, you could be far more effective if you had some proven methods.

So here’s three ways to come up with ideas – without needing to be a genius or lucky:

1) 10 Ideas a Day Method
James Altucher is an American hedge fund manager, entrepreneur, bestselling author, venture capitalist and podcaster. His recommendations are to write out 10 new ideas every day. At first it will be hard, but like when you train at the gym, your idea muscle will improve and get stronger.

Click here to read more about Altucher’s disciplined idea generation methods.

2) Different Industry Method
You can learn a lot from industries outside of your own. How do they manage customers? How do they acquire customers? How do they manage projects? How do they manage employees?

I’ll bet some do it different and possibly better than your current industry. Talk to a few friends in different industries then think how you could apply their ideas to your situation.

3) The Ridiculous Method
If you’re in a rut with your thinking then this is for you. You simply think of some crazy outlandish, absurd ideas and branch out from there.

e.g. We’d get more clients by tripling our prices. It could be a disastrous idea or is it? Maybe you could introduce a high-end personalised product or service that’s only available at that price point. You could offer 24/7 service, a chauffeur to take the client to meetings with you and perhaps special dinners.

The key to any of these methods is discipline. If you regularly employ these methods you’ll almost certainly come up with a great idea.

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