How Much Does Product Photography Cost?

Photography services can’t just be boxed into a single package with a fixed rate because every project has unique requirements. Below you will find a little information to explain what affects the price.

How Location Affects Cost

Knowing where to shoot is critical in figuring out how much a project would cost.

For small products on a white background, a studio is often the most cost-effective. However, in-situ or in use shots in real locations add authenticity to the product.

For large products, it makes more sense for us to come to you.

The Set Changes the Cost

Some products need nothing more than a plain background, while others require props. The more elaborate the shot, the longer it takes and the more it costs.

Type of Product

Smaller items are faster to shoot than bigger ones so therefore generally cost less. Other factors include how hard it is to shoot – shiny products often take longer.

Retouching Requirements

Some images need nothing more than some dust removal and some minor tonal adjustments, others may require more work especially if they’re damaged.

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