How Much Do Corporate Headshots Cost in Sydney

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Setting prices in photography isn’t as straightforward as other services. Most packages don’t have fixed price tags because the job demands vary per situation.

While some photo shoots are quick, simple, and affordable, others may require complex execution and are subsequently more expensive.

If you’re curious about how much corporate headshots in Sydney typically cost, we’ll take a look at some of the factors that affect the final amount:

Number of People

The main determinant that dictates the price of corporate headshots is the number of people that need to be photographed. The more individuals are involved, the more time it will take to shoot them.

Types of Photos

The next step is to figure out the kind of images you need for the shoot. Each type has its own set of requirements that warrant varying levels of time and commitment.

  • Neutral background – Black, white, or other neutral backgrounds are the most affordable because they’re simple to put together. Having the same background means I can use exactly the same set-up for every person I shoot.

corporate photography headshots

  • Environmental – Shooting in real locations such as an office or a kitchen can cost a bit more because it takes a lot of time to organise. Nevertheless, environmental photos stand out more than neutral backgrounds because they’re visually dynamic.

  • Head Shots – These are the easiest to shoot since only the head and the chest need to be in the photograph. The lesser the variables to worry about, the quicker and smoother the process is going to take.

  • Full Body – When shooting body shots, the overall look of the individual comes into play. Subsequently, it takes a bit more time to make sure they’re posing properly and look good from head to toe.
  • Group Shots – The number of people involved in the group shot affect the amount of time needed to get it done. Directing three people is always going to be less complicated than organising fifteen in a single group.

The more people there are, the more chances for them to get caught blinking or posing awkwardly the moment I press the shutter. As a result, I need to take additional photographs to ensure everyone’s comfortable and smiling at the same time.

The Look

It’s a good idea to ask employees to bring at least two sets of outfits to the photo shoot. If the clothes they’re wearing make them appear unflattering, then they can always try another look.

This is especially important if your employees usually wear casual clothes in the office. Sometimes, wearing a t-shirt for a corporate headshot just isn’t appropriate, so it’s recommended to have them bring a professional attire as well.

Just remember that outfit changes take time, and that translates to added costs.


Most locations for corporate shots are typically in the office and in a room such as a boardroom. Since these spaces offer poor lighting for corporate portraits, additional equipment has to be brought in.

Every location has different requirements for lighting. Some rooms may be small and don’t need as much equipment, while others are big and require complex lighting rigs.

Apart from the size, the room’s layout also has to be considered. Some places feel smaller and darker than they are because of the way they’re designed.

Sometimes the only way to make them look good in photos is by rigging a lighting set-up specific to the area’s layout.


Post Production

Of course, photography services aren’t just limited to photo shoots; post-production plays an equally important role in elevating the quality of the images.

To make headshots more appealing, it may be necessary to adjust the skin tone, remove some blemishes, straighten out wrinkles in clothing and make the eyes and teeth whiter.

When your employees look good in their headshots, they will feel more confident using them for their company profiles, email, I.D. cards as well as LinkedIn photos and other relevant social media platforms.

If you want to use your headshots for commercial purposes (i.e., real estate advertising), then additional editing is going to be necessary, especially since they’ll be printed in a variety of formats.

When you see your image blown up to billboard size, you’ll realise that it pays to look flawless.


In the end, the only way to really know how much a photo shoot is going to cost is by discussing the details with a professional photographer.

No matter what photography package you end up getting, remember that if you want to look professional and be taken seriously, you need to invest in quality photography.