Great marketing is the ability to communicate why your client should buy from you. It should engage your buyer and tell the story that represents your products and people.

Keep reading to find out how West-Trans marketing manager, Andrew, achieved this.

About the Client:
West-Trans is located in Mulgrave, Western Sydney and manufactures skip bin loaders and hook lift systems that are fitted to trucks. Their products are manufactured right here in Sydney by skilled tradesmen.

The Challenge:
The client approached us to help them promote their core product differentiator for an upcoming tradeshow.

West-Trans wanted to highlight that their product is the toughest on the market and to back this up, they took the angle that it’s made locally (in Australia) by highly skilled tradespeople. Something their competitors are not doing.

They also wanted to create a point of interest at their stand at the Brisbane Truck Show. The goal was to maximise the number of quality prospects they spoke to.


The Shoot
Step 1: The Brief
After discussions, we agreed that telling their story via a short video would communicate their message.

In addition, to create interest at their tradeshow stand, we would create a time-lapse video to show the manufacturing process (something which most people don’t see) and a series of still images to show real workers in action.

Step 2: Shooting & Challenges:
There were multiple parts to this shoot including a time-lapse video, explainer or branding video and lifestyle photoshoot. Here’s some of the challenges:

Create a Compelling Time-lapse Video – the production process for one of West-Trans’ products takes 1-2 weeks. There were times, such as were weekends and nights, when there was no progress on the product.

To create an interesting and compelling video you need to have action or the viewers will tune out. Through the use of clever editing, we were able to edit out the slow parts leaving only the moments that made the biggest impact.

Communicate Key Differences – in addition to the time-lapse video, we created a video to tell the West-Trans story. Through careful questioning we were able to get a very natural and candid interview with a staff member. And from this, we were able to edit the footage into the story the marketing manager wanted to tell. Preparation and thoughtful questions are the key here.

Avoiding Noise – we would have loved to film the interview in the factory to give some context to the story but that was impossible with the noise of West-Trans’ busy production area.

Background noise will greatly decrease the quality of any video. Instead, we were able to move one of their finished products to create an idea filming location that set the right context for the story and was away from the noise.

Step 3: Delivery & Results:
The client was able to generate a lot of interest for their stand at the tradeshow with the use of the timelapse video and posters of the still images. They also went on to feature the images and the time-lapse video on the homepage of their website whilst using the brand story video on their About page. All of these together work to create credibility, engagement and leads.

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