Food Photography for Restaurants, Cafes,
Manufacturers & Creative Agencies

Fact: Your company imagery can attract or repel your customers.

How can images attract or repel customers?

As humans it’s hard-wired into our brains to normally choose the thing that looks best.

As a specialist food photographer, I can help:

• Put more bums on seats with pro photos
• Create delicious images of your food for websites & promotions
• Boost customer interest with images for social media
• Make your venue stand out with restaurant, kitchen, patron & staff photos

We can do it in a studio or at your location (restaurant, cafe, warehouse, submarine….it really doesn’t

Making delicious food images that will have your customers licking the page clean is what I love to do.

I would love the chance to make your food look amazing…

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    Clients & Chefs I’ve Met

    Food Photography – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    I always get a bunch of questions – many of them similar – when potential clients first get in touch with me. So I thought I would jump the gun help you out with the most common questions I get.

    Q: What kinds of clients benefit the most from Adrian Harrison Photography?

    A: I attract clients that know top quality images are vital their sales and their brand. I take everyday food items (sometimes mundane) and make them stand out so they attract more of your prospects and customers.

    I work with restaurants, cafes, food manufacturers, bars, hotels, graphic designers, ad agencies & other creatives. My best clients, like Dan Murphys, appreciate a fast, easy and hassle-free experience.

    Q: I need images for our website, brochure, menu and social media. Can you help?

    A: Yes. I have created images for websites, menus, brochures, catalogues, food packaging, social media like: Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, images for press releases, magazine ads, banners, posters and business cards.

    Q: Can you shoot at my place of business? Will the results be as good as a studio?

    A: For most restaurants, cafes and bars, I can shoot at your location. The results can be just as good as a studio – minus the hassle of getting your ingredients and staff to the shoot. A dedicated spot about 4x4m or larger is needed. It can be a little intrusive to your customers too but I work to minimise that. For some shoots, a studio is best – I will advise the best way.

    Q: Do we need a food stylist? Why bother? My chef makes our food look fantastic already.

    A: Firstly the styling of the food is often the difference between average and top quality images. Will lesser quality images make a difference? You may think you’re saving money not using a stylist but in reality, you’ll weaken your marketing efforts.

    Why can’t I use my chef? Chefs are great at making food taste and look great for the diner. The camera sees the food very differently. For example, meat can take on a bluish tint and needs special treatment to look its best. An experienced stylist knows this and has many other tricks up their sleeve to make your food look stunning. Stylists are also very good at choosing the best colours and props to compliment your food – which makes a big difference in the final results.

    Q: Who needs to be at the shoot?

    A: Unless it’s a very simple requirement, I need someone there that can approve the images and make decisions on the way the food is shot. I also need one of your chefs available – someone that understands your food. If there is a stylist, the stylist may need a kitchen hand. If you don’t use a stylist, I need a chef available to prepare and cook the food. Keep in mind that if the chef is bouncing between duties, it often means I can be left waiting around – and I don’t want to be doing that on your dollar!

    Q: Why does it cost so much when all I need is a handful of photos?

    A: To make your food stand out, it takes far more effort than plonking it on a table, setting up a few lights either side and pressing the shutter. So what does it take you ask?

    The fact is, to make your food look mouth-watering, there’s a lot of preparation and setup involved. Lots of equipment must be brought in and setup. The best food ingredients need to be selected and carefully prepared and cooked. Props and plates need to be chosen and arranged. Up to five studio flashes are used for one dish of food – each must be positioned precisely. Up to 50 test shots are taken too. And all this is for only one plate of food.

    In additional to my time, you’re paying me for my experience. My experience means you get the results you want. I won’t waste hours at your expense because I don’t know how to shoot something. I save you money doing reshoots because my equipment won’t break in the middle of a shoot (or if it does I have spares). I solve problems that less experienced photographers can’t.

    And last but not least, I make exceptional images that will help you sell more. I don’t know the value of this but you can figure out what a 2, 5, 10 or 15% in your sales is worth to you.

    Q: Can you deep etch / cut images out / remove the background?

    A: Yes I can. These images are perfect for websites, food packaging, printing and graphic designers or web designers.

    Q: How long does it take?

    A: It varies greatly depending on your requirements. Single food items on a white background can be shot very quickly. Complex images with multiple plates of food and props may take a few hours per shot. I can’t say without know your requirements.

    Q: I need images that are a specific size, file type or specification.

    A: I can handle all the technical stuff and will supply images to your requested specifications or advise you on what’s best.

    Q: Does it always work out with clients?

    A: Not always. I work really well with clients who understand the photography process and know the value of high quality images.

    My best clients…
    • Trust my professional judgment, advice and let me do what I do best
    • Provide clear and detailed photography briefs
    • Provide detailed objective feedback
    • Understand outstanding images take time don’t try to cram too much into a day’s shoot.

    I always have problems with clients who provide very little direction, want me to shoot 40 dishes in one day, and who say (directly or indirectly), “I don’t really know what I want right now but I’ll let you know when I see it.” This usually ends in tears.

    Q: What’s your #1 goal?

    A: Making an image that not only looks delicious but most importantly wows and attracts your ideal customers.

    Q: What else is important?

    A: When a client sends a creative brief, they want to receive the images on the deadline and they want to see the images and go, “these look great…I can get these on our website or to our designer, and start selling.”

    What I’ve also found is important to clients…
    • A broad general business and food knowledge so I can put myself in the shoes of your potential customer/client quickly.
    • Meeting deadlines.
    • Adhering to post-production and output image requirements.
    • Solving problems, not creating them.
    • Previous experience photographing your type of food.
    • Getting on and making it happen…and without fuss.
    • Being professional with clients…e.g. if I schedule a shoot at 1.00pm in the afternoon, I start at precisely 1.00 p.m.

    Q: What do you charge?

    A: It depends on the requirements. Some spend $5,000 and as much as $20,000 on photography. Others spend $2,000 or less. Without knowing your requirements I can’t say. What I CAN say is if you’re looking for the lowest price around, that’s not me. However, my clients tell me I’m excellent value for money. Best contact me for a quote.

    Q: How does it work?

    A: In short, we start with a comprehensive briefing process to dig out exactly what you have in mind. I may also create a moodboard of images so we know we’re on the same page.

    We then schedule the shoot. The shoot is a collaboration of both our ideas – not just some arty vision that doesn’t bear relevance to what you want.

    Next is post production – here’s a small sample of the 72 different processes I put each image through: enhance the details, enrich the colours, remove dust and blemishes*, improve the contrast, sharpen the image…all this leaves you with a fantastic looking image.

    The proof images are sent to you for approval and amended if necessary. The final images are delivered by email.