Corporate Portrait Session with Infocus Legal

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The Brief:
Infocus Legal is a law firm located in West Ryde.

They approached us to capture a range of environmental portraits (i.e. in their environment and not on a white or plain background) and team action shots for their new website. It was important for the images to convey the team as professional and approachable as well as fitting in with their new website design.

The Shoot:
Here’s a some of the key challenges which many of our clients face with it comes to capturing high quality corporate photos in an office location:

  • Lack of Natural Light – using the natural light in the office wasn’t an option this time as the lighting was dominated by the usual office lights. These lights are optimised for work – not for flattering portraits. Office lighting tends to cause unflattering shadows and colour casts on the skin.
  • Space restrictions – this made it tricky to find the right background for the photo. After a bit of rearranging we were able to photograph the clients on the internal stairs leading to another office. The office in the background will give depth and interest to a photo. And by adding a blue coloured flash to the room, this created a more corporate business photo for the client.
  • Subject Direction – our clients aren’t professional models and sometimes don’t like being photographed. But they don’t need to be. With guidance on on how to stand and how to get the right expression, Infocus Legal were able to appear natural, approachable and professional in their photos.

Results: The new photos fit right in with Infocus Legal’s new website. Real images add a sense of credibility over stock photos. The team look great and it brings some personality to the website.

Well done on pulling off a great new website Infocus Legal!

Before (no professional lighting)

Notice the colour is a little yellow and the room is cluttered looking.

Notice the unflattering light on the subject. The subject is also darker than the background. The background is cluttered and distracting.

After (with professional lighting)




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