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Hi! My name is Adrian Harrison, Sydney based professional photographer & videographer.

I’m here to help

No one should have to be embarrassed by their website, images or marketing collateral. It not only affects you but as you already know, poor images or no images are likely underwhelming your potential clients and costing leads and revenue.

Helping clients with these problems is something I’ve done for more than 12 years. When we work together I’ll guide you through the process from the brief to the shoot to ensure you get results that make an impact.

“When clients get their new images the reactions are awesome to watch. Taking them from hating them to loving them!”

Why Clients Come to Me

Whether it’s people, products, food, lifestyle or architectural photos and video, I can help.

You may have:

  • Tried other photographers or videographers but were disappointed.
  • Inconsistent images that don’t represent the quality of your product/company.
  • Found an iPhone doesn’t capture the details.
  • Struggled to find the right stock image without it looking cheesy.
  • Been wanting to try video but haven’t known where to start.
  • A shortage of quality images for ongoing marketing.

Happy client comments

“The results are night and day. Leads and sales are up 20%”


Nocturnal Lighting

Clients that get the best results

Clients that get the best results all share these qualities:

Passionate about their company

An established manufacturer (10 staff or more)

Excited to see fantastic new images of their product, people, company

Looking for a reliable expert for the long term that will guide them through the process

Value expertise & professional judgment

Are easy to get along with, responsive & personable

Fun Facts About Me

I Love Cooking & Have a Hot-Sauce Obsession

From making pasta from scratch to bacon – I love to cook. This pairs perfectly with my hot-sauce obsession – hot sauce should go on just about anything..

Dad to Two Girls

It’s my life’s ambition to teach my two daughters, Lily, 8 and Isabella, 11 to learn to eat chili (which they’re not terribly keen on – although I’m making progress).

Hooked on Playing Tennis

Love getting competitive on the tennis court but sadly I only have time to do this once a week (ref. above fact of having 2 young daughters!).


How to Plan a Successful Commercial Photoshoot

Many things can go wrong at a photoshoot. Careful planning is essential to avoid these costly mistakes.

If you’re a business owner or marketing professional, in this short free guide, you’ll discover how to successfully plan your shoot in 3 easy steps