9 of the Best Video Production Companies in Melbourne

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1. Pixel3 Video Productions (Top Pick)

Pixel3 Video Productions, founded by brothers Anthony and Charles Spiteri, stands out as one of top video production companies in Melbourne. For over a decade, they have creating quality productions. “We refuse to accept the ordinary,” says Anthony, summarising their ethos of giving their clients the best.

More than just a video production company, Pixel3 is a full-service studio known for delivering high-quality content on time and within budget. With over 2,000 projects completed and a network of over 50 professionals across Australia, they handle corporate videos, brand films, social media content, and animations.

Their portfolio showcases their versatility and commitment to excellence, featuring projects like a promotional video for “Modern Warfare III” by Sledgehammer Games, a 5G innovation initiative with Nokia and UTS Techlab, and educational videos for Sexual Health Victoria. Each project is executed with meticulous attention to detail, exceeding client expectations.

“We’re more than just videographers,” says Charles, emphasising their storytelling focus. Pixel3’s process involves understanding the client’s objectives, meticulous research, and creative execution, earning them praise for their attention to detail and communication.

Pixel3 fosters a collaborative and respectful work culture, valuing each team member’s passion and expertise. For those looking to elevate their brand, Pixel3 offers services like live streaming, green screen production, drone videography, and motion graphics, making them a go-to choice for both start-ups and global brands.

2. Angry Chair

Happy businessman during corporate video production interview with female journalist. Manager answering question in office. Young woman at work as reporter with business man and videographer shooting business video.

Angry Chair is transforming video production in Melbourne with an approach designed for marketing needs. Their Q4 Production Method removes the stress of being on camera, helping clients present their genuine selves for superior video quality.

From concept to premiere, Angry Chair manages the entire production journey. “We take care of the intricate production process so you can focus on the long list of other challenges you have on your plate,” says the team. This approach ensures clients can easily deliver their brand’s video needs.

Offering versatile services for corporate, social media, and testimonial videos, Angry Chair captures the essence of brands authentically. Their method makes the process easy and fun, ensuring excellent and effective results.

Angry Chair invites brands to reach out and start their video production journey. With a focus on understanding each brand’s unique needs, they promise a stress-free experience and videos that truly represent the brand’s identity. Contact them to see how they can make your brand look authentically sensational.


Indimax stands out in Melbourne’s video production scene with a wide range of services. They cater to all business stages with solutions for TV commercials, product videos, live streaming, vox pops, testimonials, and more. “We grow a seed of an idea – no matter how large or small,” says the Indimax team.

Priding themselves on agency-level creativity without the high costs, Indimax offers two rounds of feedback on every step, ensuring client satisfaction. They listen to briefs and brand statements, making sure each video reflects the client’s values and services.

With over 20 years of experience, Indimax delivers high-quality videos on time and within budget. They use various cinematic techniques to tell authentic stories, combining creativity with practical solutions.

For brands seeking a reliable and creative video production partner, Indimax offers artistic talent and practical expertise. Reach out to start a project that captivates and connects with your audience, bringing out the best in your brand.

4. Dream Engine

Founded in 2002 by Ryan Spanger, Dream Engine is Melbourne’s trusted video production company, offering corporate, training, web, and event videos to businesses, government departments, and educational institutions.

“I always had a passion for filmmaking,” says Spanger, who completed a post-graduate diploma in Film and Television at VCA Film School. From promotional videos to documentaries, Dream Engine established its versatility and innovation early on.

By 2007, they were producing videos for brands like IBM and local councils, including notable projects featuring future Prime Minister Julia Gillard. Their reputation for quality solidified.

In 2014, Dream Engine expanded globally, producing web videos for top triathlon coaches in the USA, including Olympic coach Bobby McGee.

Recognised with a Silver Distinction Commercial Award in 2018, they continued to excel, producing a national TV campaign for Epson Printers in 2021.

Today, Dream Engine pioneers remote video production techniques, focusing on clear and direct communication to drive action from audiences.

5. Video Outcomes

Are you a Melbourne-based business looking to elevate your online presence without breaking the bank? Enter Video Outcomes, a dynamic video production company catering to small to medium-sized businesses. Situated in Melbourne, Video Outcomes delivers high-quality, budget-friendly video content, including brand videos, testimonials, and event coverage.

Based in Essendon, Victoria, Video Outcomes serves clients across Melbourne. Led by Christopher Lichti, their team understands client needs, ensuring each video serves its purpose effectively.

“We understand what your video will be used for and how it can affect your business goals,” says Christopher Lichti, the founder and lead content strategist. With a keen understanding of client requirements, Video Outcomes ensures that each video not only looks great but also serves its intended purpose effectively.

Video Outcomes stands out as an option that is affordable and has a high quality standard.

6. Bengar

Founded in 2009 by Ben Gartland, BENGAR is an innovative Australian production company. With a focus on authenticity, they create compelling Television Entertainment, Advertising, and Digital Art installations for large LED screens.

BENGAR’s client list includes industry leaders like AGL, ANZ, Telstra, and Ferrari. They excel in enhancing brand perception and delivering tangible results through their diverse portfolio.

Their acclaimed television series “Advancing Australia,” hosted by Guy Pearce and supported by AGL, showcases inspirational stories of Australians making significant contributions to society.

With an agile and effective team, BENGAR continues to push boundaries, delivering captivating content globally.

7. MILK Video

MILK is reshaping video production in Geelong and Melbourne, drawing on over 15 years of industry experience. Their global journey, from local businesses to Hollywood, fuels their ability to craft compelling narratives and deliver cinema-standard productions.

“They believe in the power of authenticity to tell the best story,” says the MILK team. With credits on Channel 7, Netflix, and Discovery, they bring unbeatable creativity to every project, from TV advertising to animation and corporate videos.

From concept to delivery, MILK offers comprehensive services, handling scriptwriting to post-production with meticulous attention. Their one-stop-shop approach streamlines the process, allowing clients to focus on their objectives while MILK brings their vision to life.

“Let’s make you look good!” invites MILK, promising unparalleled quality and creativity. Clients can contact them today to discover how MILK can transform their brand’s story into a cinematic masterpiece.

8. Corporate Video Productions

Established over 30 years ago, Corporate Video Productions is a bespoke video production company that excels in connecting businesses with their audiences through the power of video storytelling.

“Our philosophy has remained the same for 30 years. The key to the success of your video starts with a seamless process,” explains the team. From corporate to promo, training to animated videos, Corporate Video Productions handles everything from script to screen, ensuring each video communicates ideas in concise and compelling ways.

With a network that spans national reach and a personal touch, Corporate Video Productions boasts a team of approachable and innovative video makers who bring every project to life. From company directors to camera operators, their expertise ensures exceptional results, regardless of project size or budget.

“Our happy clients testify to the quality of our work,” says the team. Testimonials praise Corporate Video Productions for their sound technical advice, storytelling skills, and ability to deliver high-quality events and products on time and to brief.

Whether it’s animation, corporate videos, event coverage, or explainer videos, Corporate Video Productions stands ready to bring your vision to life. Contact them today to discuss your project and receive a bespoke quote.

9. Burninghouse

Burninghouse, based in Melbourne, is revolutionising visual content creation with its tailored video production services. Specialising in corporate video production, animation, and promotional video development, Burninghouse crafts engaging content that drives results.

“We’re dedicated to creating visuals that not only engage but also inspire action,” shares the team. With a focus on efficiency and creativity, Burninghouse collaborates closely with clients to ensure their messages are communicated effectively through captivating visuals.

Versatile across industries, Burninghouse offers services such as web video production, event capture, and television commercials. Their commitment to making the production process easy and enjoyable empowers brands to elevate their storytelling effortlessly.

Inviting businesses to explore the power of video and animation in their marketing strategies, Burninghouse promises a seamless journey from concept to completion, delivering impactful results every time.

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