5 Mistakes Most People Make with Website Imagery

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Everyday clients come to me requesting photos for their website. Many times is because the images they have are not at the standard they think they should be.

I’ve put together a quick list of 3 of the biggest mistakes I see when it comes to website images.

Mistake #1: Low Quality Images
Out of focus, poorly lit images make your entire website look terrible. They certainly won’t inspire confidence in your customers that what you do has a high level of quality.

The problem is that the impact of this is hard to see or measure. You’d quickly spot an ineffective salesperson by looking at their sales results.

Whether you believe it or not, low quality images are costing you sales and/or leads. Upping your game with your images will for most, have an immediate and lasting impact on revenue.

Mistake #2: Inconsistent Images
Everyone has been there. You need an image for the website and you need it now. So you grab the camera phone or an image for a supplier. You justify it and say it’s not that bad. And maybe just one photo isn’t.

But when this happens a number of times over a period of years, you’re left with a mishmash of images. The website starts looking messy and projecting a message of a disorganised unprofessional company that doesn’t really care about their image or how they come across.

For your website to look great, your images must be consistent. They need the same style, lighting, cropping, framing and quality.

When you do this, your website will look awesome.

Mistake #3: Using Inauthentic Stock Images
We all know these people don’t work at your company. 

Mistake #4: No Purpose Behind Your Images
Your images need to communicate a message and connect with your customers or clients.

Far too often I see images on websites that are there because no one new what else to put there. Keep your customers on your website longer by using images that communicate your message.

Mistake #5: Not Showing What You Do
Customers and clients are curious about your company. Why not make the most of that and engage them by showing them behind the scenes of what you do. It may seem boring or mundane to you and your staff but I assure you your customers will find it interesting.

A good Sydney based photographer can help you with ideas and execution.

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