10 Alternatives to Stock Photography

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Let’s face it, stock photos are a fairly quick, cheap and easy solution if you don’t have a photo for your marketing or website. However, they can leave your website and marketing looking generic to say the least. Is that really what you want your clients to think of your company? Generic?

I’ve put together 10 different ways you can use images to differentiate your company from your competitors with custom corporate photography, so you don’t have to resort to stock photos.

Company Headshots & Meet the Team Pages

Trust chambers have created a welcoming meet the team page on their website. The corporate images help to build trust and create a connection with their potential clients.

Team Shots

This particular photo was used on a billboard for my client Norwest Commercial to promote their local team.

Add People Images to Your Web Pages

My client here has taken a group corporate portrait I did for them and added it to one of their web pages. It’s a nice touch to add some human connection to an otherwise informational page. By doing this they create a connection with the reader.

Show Your People (not stock)

Use authentic photos of your stuff to communicate the right message for your company.  Real photos have a different feel from stock photos.

Show Your Product Being Manufactured

Showing that you manufacture your product locally can create the perception of quality and can help to separate you from your competition who may import their product.

Products on White for Website/Catalogues

Aerobolt have done a great job of creating a very consistent ecommerce website for their customers. Over the years we’ve worked on their product photography to create a very clean, consistent and professional look for their website.

It reduces the barriers to buy for their customers and makes it easy for them to see exactly what the product is and get the information they need quickly.

Case Studies of Your Work/Products

My client shows uses interior photography and architectural images to show off their key projects which helps them win more clients and builds trust.

Product Packaging

Product packaging design ready for printing

Oricom uses my photos to make their packaging appealing to their customers which in turn promotes greater sales.

Your Building or Office

Created for one of my clients they need an image to show their building and presence.

Background Image or Banner Image

I created this photo created specifically with the home page banner in mind. The trick is to know the dimensions of the banner before shooting and then measure the photo out so it fits. Using images as a background or banner on your website adds a nice professional design touch.

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